At Home with: Sinead Crowe

Sinead Crowe - The Sunday Home

SINEAD CROWE IS A 28 year old UK fashion blogger, who’s Instagram posts have no doubt made their way into our ‘saved items’.  With a following of 100K+ at the time of publishing, the former fashion buyer turned freelance stylist, is our go-to outfit inspiration. In our exclusive interview with Sinead, we talk puppies, interior inspiration and the best ways to unwind.

How would you describe your signature style? 
I would say my style is very casual and laid back. I used to think I fitted into a box really easily and I always wanted to have a super defined "personal style" but now I just love wearing whatever I like and making it work for my style.

Where do you find your interiors inspiration? 
Pinterest is my favourite thing ever and I also love Aimee Song on instagram. Shes an interior designer as well as a blogger so she always posts the most incredible interiors from her travels and her house is also B E A U tiful! Definitely worth a look!

Sinead Crowe - The Sunday Home

What makes a house a home for you? 
My dog! I feel like a house is so so empty without pets because we've always had cats, dogs or both!

Do you have a favourite home piece? 
My Oliver Bonas coffee table. The customer service was awful they delivered it 4 times wrong or broken and it took me over 6 months to finally get it right but I think the hard work just make it feel even more special. It's a beautiful marble and gold bamboo table with smokey glass shelves, I adore it!

Sinead Crowe - The Sunday Home

Sunday – is it the start or the end to your week? 
Definitely the end! More and more I try to have the weekend off nowadays so on a Sunday evening I really love to wind down without any phones or internet and just read my book with a glass of wine or watch an easy programme!

How often do you re-style your home? 
So I'm actually in rented at the moment so I don't get to re style so often and we are looking at buying soon so I'm trying my absolute hardest to not buy anything homeware and wait until we have a new place though we may be moving into a new rented place which surely calls for an update no?

Sinead Crowe - The Sunday Home

What's your favourite way to unwind? 
I love the meditation app CALM, I try and do one of these each day as it helps me so much. But when I'm really looking to unwind there's nothing that does it better than walking my puppy! Seeing her face when she's running with that ball and walking through beautiful countryside will definitely do it!

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given? 
"Nobody is going to die" I'm not a doctor, no one is going to die if anything doesn't go to plan or something goes wrong. I get way too stressed about work and minor things, sometimes the people around me have to remind me that it doesn't matter if I miss an upload or take a day off. The world won't stop turning and no one will die.

Sinead Crowe - The Sunday Home

What’s your favourite room in the home? 
My bedroom! It's hard because we live in rented and honestly I am so ready to move now our home is tiny but typically my favourite room would always be the kitchen! We just have a super tiny one here!

Describe your perfect Sunday. 
Lie in till late with tea, biscuits and trashy telly. Long dog walks, Sunday roast and wine in the evening curled up with a good book!

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