At Home with: Megan Ace

At Home with: Megan Ace - The Sunday HomeImage credit: Georgia Burns

MEGAN ACE is an Interior Design and Styling Consultant based in Worcester, with over 15 years experience in the creative industry. Previously working in theatre and event producing, and even editorial writing for a lifestyle magazine, Megan offers her services to many clients and is adamant that in no way should they be exclusive to the privileged few. 

With her 'does it make my heart flip' approach, she encourages her clients to select homewares that evoke memory and emotion. Since renovating her own home a number of years ago, Megan's passion for interior design has only continued to grow.

How would you describe your signature style?
Pretty eclectic. I love mixing vintage with contemporary. I'm a fan of colour too - something which I gently try and encourage my clients to also embrace in their homes; so many of us seem to shy away from it. I get that, but as a start, putting 'pops' of it around your home will, I promise, make you smile.

At Home with: Megan Ace - The Sunday HomeImage credit: Megan Ace

Where do you find your interiors inspiration?
Instagram, Pinterest, the catwalk, magazines, restaurants - particularly their loos, travel, music and my wardrobe. Basically everywhere.

What makes a house a home for you?
The people who live in it and their memories and treasures on display. A history which shapes a family's story and something that offers up a piece of someone and their character. Size absolutely doesn't matter, if you house the things that you love and that resonate with you, you will create a happy home and in the end, that really is all that matters.

At Home with: Megan Ace - The Sunday HomeImage credit: Megan Ace

Do you have a favourite home piece?
Our collection of art. I have pieces picked up from a work trip to South Africa which cost approximately 50p, which we then had framed locally, to a handful of pieces which we bought with our wedding vouchers from the incredible ‘Affordable Art Fair’ - a great way of introducing art into your home, as opposed to a collection of pots and pans from John Lewis. Then there's a selection of framed up pieces by my children which include a great big pink splodge - a 'portrait' of me depicted by my then 4 year old and a potato-printed-ladybird picture, slapped together by my then 2 year old. Both make me smile, both evoke so many memories and both equally make my heart full.

Sunday – is it the start or the end to your week?
Undoubtedly, the very end.

At Home with: Megan Ace - The Sunday HomeImage credit: Georgia Burns

How often do you re-style your home?
(Husband immediately answers "Every 10 minutes"). In truth, I'll probably shuffle something about, swap a few things around almost every day. I love to 'shop my home' which of course is so much more sustainable, cost-free and re-purposing something feels so much better than spending money unnecessarily - something I'm sure we've all been guilty of. It's the downside of platforms such as Instagram and subsequently 'trends'. The pressure of 'keeping up with it all' can leave a negative trace and I often wonder how on earth people can afford it.

What’s your favourite way to unwind?
(Husband immediately answers "Wine!"). Partly true. I love a Pritt and stick mood board, full of tears, samples and drawings. Apart from that, of course, there's nothing quite like enjoying food and drink with my friends and family and if that can be on a Greek Isle, then even better!

At Home with: Megan Ace - The Sunday HomeImage credit: Megan Ace

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?
Kill it with kindness.

What’s your favourite room in the home?
A toss up between our Master bedroom in the loft and our 1st floor, family bathroom. Oh, but I also love our kitchen extension. It's full of heart and soul, and always busy with things from toddler yoga classes to late night parties (10pm's late, right?!).

Describe your perfect Sunday.
Family, friends, music, food and drink. If I can chuck a good pub into that mix too, then I'm incredibly content.

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