At Home with: Ella Gregory

Ella Gregory - The Sunday Home

ELLA GREGORY is the one-woman-band behind Coco's Tea Party - a lifestyle blog founded in 2006 that has paved the way for many influencers since. Living in West London, Ella graduated with a First Class BA (Hons) degree in Fashion Journalism, and has been blogging full time since 2011. We recently got the chance to quiz Ella on all things interior, and how she'd spend her perfect Sunday.

How would you describe your signature style?
I would always choose bright, open-plan spaces over small, cosy rooms. My style leans towards the clean and modern, but at the same time I love bohemian touches and bright colours.

About 90% of the homes I’m drawn to on Pinterest are Spanish style properties in California, so it’s very clear what my dream home would look like.

At Home with Ella Gregory - The Sunday Home

Where you find your interiors inspiration?
I actually find a lot of interior inspiration in TV and movies. I always love the homes in Nancy Meyers films ('It’s Complicated' and 'Home Again' are my personal favourites for design). And the beach house in 'Grace & Frankie' also makes me weak at the knees.

Pinterest, Instagram and blogs also provide a lot of inspiration. At the moment I’m enjoying following Geneva Vanderzeil from A Pair & A Spare’s home renovation diary. And I’m always curious to see how @daniellemoss_ is updating her Chicago home.

At Home with Ella Gregory - The Sunday Home

What makes a house a home for you?
I don’t think a house is truly a home until you have a pet running around, so I’m currently debating whether or not to get a dog.

Do you have a favourite home piece?
I love my bed, which is the “Luna” design from Loaf in Old Rose vintage velvet. It’s the boldest design feature in my apartment (and also VERY comfortable).

At Home with Ella Gregory - The Sunday Home

Sunday – is it the start or the end to your week?
It’s the end of the week. But it’s usually the day when I take stock and start to plan ahead. I love having a quiet Sunday, as it gives you so much time to think about what you want to achieve during the next week and beyond.

How often do you re-style your home?
Well, I’ve only been in my apartment for about 9 months, so I’ve spent much of the year getting the look right.

The overall style and layout has been solidified now, but I’m constantly tweaking things and adding new design touches. I don’t think it will ever be “finished” because I’m constantly changing my mind about artwork and soft furnishings.

At Home with Ella Gregory - The Sunday Home

What's your favourite way to unwind?
I’m such a bookworm, so I always enjoy going to bed early with a good book. I also find it really relaxing to potter around in the kitchen with a podcast on in the background.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?
“You can have it all. Just not all at once.”

At Home with Ella Gregory - The Sunday Home

What’s your favourite room in the home?
I have an open-plan kitchen and living room, and I spend most of my time there because I usually work from home. It’s such a bright room, with big windows and high ceilings. It sounds weird, but there’s just a good vibe in that room.

At Home with Ella Gregory - The Sunday Home

Describe your perfect Sunday.
I’d wake up between 8.30 and 9am. Read the papers with a cup of coffee and a croissant. Meet friends for a long walk and a lazy brunch. Go to an afternoon yoga class. Then spend the evening in front of Netflix.

Visit Ella's blog Coco's Tea Party, or Instagram. Ella also co-hosts a podcast with fellow blogger Monica Beatrice - 'Let's Discuss' available now on iTunes.