At Home with: Daniela Moreno

Daniela Moreno, Iron n Salt - The Sunday Home Interview

DANIELA MORENO is a Miami based fashion, beauty and travel blogger, and curator of Having previously moved to New York for studies, Daniela graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology before turning her personal blog into a full time business. We got the opportunity to interview Daniela for The Sunday Home, talking style inspiration and life mottos.

How would you describe your signature style?
I would say it’s minimal, simple, feminine with a touch of masculinity.

Where do you find your interiors inspiration?
I still enjoy scrolling through tumblr blogs and finding inspiration in editorial photographs. There’s still a stream of creators who don’t publish their content on instagram and sometimes looking at other outlets for inspiration, is what gets my creative juices flowing.

Daniela Moreno, Iron n Salt - The Sunday Home Interview

What makes a house a home for you?
I think energies, coziness, items of significance and not just pieces that look good, but having some sort of memories around that make you think of people you love. Whether it’s a picture, a gift someone gave me or a blanket I’ve had my whole life, I think you can never let design take over to a point where a house doesn’t feel like home.

Do you have a favourite home piece?
I don’t have one specific item but I am all about candles. For me, aromatherapy is a huge part of relaxing at the end of the day and I always light a candle as I’m unwinding. The mix of a warm light and a great scent, really hits the spot for me. Jo Malone candles are my guilty pleasure haha.

Daniela Moreno, Iron n Salt - The Sunday Home Interview

Sunday – is it the start or the end to your week?
Sunday is the end of my week, usually the day where I rest and get everything organized for the new week!

How often do you re-style your home?
Right now, I’m in the process of moving into a new apartment and I was able to start from scratch in regards to decor. Usually, I think that switching up pillows and home accents is a good way to easily re-style a home without having to change the main pieces.

Daniela Moreno, Iron n Salt - The Sunday Home Interview

What's your favourite way to unwind?
I love a good bath. I treat myself from time to time to an in-home spa night. I light candles and fill my bathtub with bath salts and my favorite are the bath bombs from LUSH that turn the water a different color

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?
All my friends are very spiritual and intuitive and I think “trust the universe” is a great life motto. When you trust your path, don’t compare yourself to others and just do you, great things usually come out of it.

Daniela Moreno, Iron n Salt - The Sunday Home Interview

What’s your favourite room in the home?
My living room! I love watching movies on my couch and I just love the overall vibe of my living room because I feel like I’m in the center of my home.

Describe your perfect Sunday.
Waking up around eleven, having a nice brunch, going to the beach and recharging with friends. Then coming home early and taking care of chores and organizing my week. That all sounds heavenly.

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