At Home with: Alex Stedman

Alex Stedman - The Sunday Home

WE RECENTLY HAD THE OPPORTUNITY to quiz London-based award-winning blogger and stylist, Alex Stedman all on things interior. Blogging under 'The Frugality', Alex shares budget friendly fashion and interiors inspiration to a following of over 193,000. Currently undergoing a home renovation and with a new arrival to the family, Alex allowed us an insight into her current goings-on.

How would you describe your signature style?
A little bit tailored, a little bit casual, usually pulled together with a hint of red & leopard print.

Where do you find your interiors inspiration?
Mainly instagram, Pinterest & hotels that I’m lucky enough to visit with work.

What makes a house a home for you?
“Stuff”, I’m not one for a minimalist invisible space. I love seeing memories on the side: prints, books I’m reading, things I’ve collected on my travels all out on display. As much as I like hiding things as well.

Do you have a favourite home piece?
I love our White Company bed that was the first thing we bought for our bedroom before it had even been renovated, Chris whose feet come out the bottom might not so much!

Alex Stedman - The Sunday Home

Sunday – is it the start or the end to your week?
The End.

How often do you re-style your home?
At the moment we are just living day to day renovating our home for the first time.

What's your favourite way to unwind?
I’d love to say reading a book with my cup of coffee on a Sunday morning, sadly it’s getting half an hour to watch love island on catch up TV so my mind can actually switch off.

Alex Stedman - The Sunday Home

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?
I've been very lucky to receive support & advice from a lot of people along the way, it would be far too hard to pick out just one piece!

What’s your favourite room in the home?
Our bedroom, because it’s the one room that’s really done - it’s got an en-suite, a sofa, a TV. If we needed to we could survive in there for a good old month or two, which we did when we had the baby.

Describe your perfect Sunday.
My perfect Sunday is doing absolutely nothing, pottering around the house, having a nice coffee, eggs & soldiers with no deadlines. I haven’t quite managed that in the last 3 months but it’s something to dream about.

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